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3 Cigar Shaped UFO’s over Texas

  These 3 Cigar Shaped UFO’s were allegedly photographed flying in formation over Texas. The witness and photographer a 32 year old resident of Waxahachie, TX says that he snapped this photo from his back porch on September 3rd, 2011. He claims it shows three, cigar shaped UFO’s flying in formation. In an exclusive interview with […]

The Alexander Hamilton Hoax

  Alexander Hamilton was part of a group know as the ‘local liar’s club’ whose purpose was to outdo each other with ever grander fabricated tales and stories. In 1897 Hamilton claimed that he discovered a cigar shaped UFO hovering above his farm. He further claimed that aliens, appearing as humanoids, were in the spaceship and […]

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Fake UFO’s online

FakeUFOs.com welcomes you. We have all seen our share of Fake UFO photos and Video. We’ve heard the stories of Alien Abductions, and Government Conspiracies. Finally, there is a website devoted, not only to debunking these phenomenon, but to mocking them. Sure, we would all love to see a REAL UFO, who wouldn’t? And for […]

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