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Aliens or Something Else? These Unexplained UFO Sightings Have Baffled Scientists

No matter what belief system you abide by, we’re all a little curious as to whether we’re the only form of life in the universe. Remember this photo by NASA’s Curiosity Rover? There appears to be a squirrel hiding out on Mars — but could there …

UFO sightings in Kazakhstan on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

This week on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth, the team head to Kazakhstan to investigate UFO sightings and to Sweden to search for a lake monster. The border region between Kazakhstan and Russia has been a UFO hotspot for years and the nearby area of …

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Are aliens real? All the sightings, conspiracy theories and evidence on whether extra-terrestrials really exist

This question has caused debate and controversy among humans for centuries. From Roswell to Suffolk’s Rendlesham Forest, these are the sightings which UFO hunters have hailed as proof of extra-terrestrial life. The number of UFO sightings is currently …

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Kendrick Lamar recalls UFO sighting

Kendrick Lamar saw a UFO when he was six years old. The 30-year-old rapper claims to have spotted an unidentified flying object during his younger years, and while nobody has ever believed him, he insists he is not exaggerating about the “surreal moment”.

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'LIFE CHANGING' This is what happens if you see the mysterious triangle UFO

Many witnesses report feeling a sense of fear or awe at the sighting and sometimes numbness and memory loss. Now the man has told how his life will never be the same again after spotting the TR-3B-like UFO. He reported the sighting to the US-based Mutual …

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