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Widest Deep View of COSMOS Field Reveals More Than 200000 Galaxies

The European Southern Observatory’s VISTA telescope has created the widest deep view of the sky ever made using infrared light. This new picture of an unremarkable patch of sky comes from the UltraVISTA survey and reveals more than 200000 galaxies. It forms just one part of a huge collection of fully processed images from all the VISTA surveys that is now being made available by ESO to astronomers worldwide. UltraVISTA is a treasure trove that is being used to study distant galaxies in the early Universe as well as for many other science projects. ESO’s VISTA telescope has been trained on the same patch of sky repeatedly to slowly accumulate the very dim light of the most distant galaxies. In total more than six thousand separate exposures with a total effective exposure time of 55 hours, taken through five different colored filters, have been combined to create this picture. This image from the UltraVISTA survey is the deepest infrared view of the sky of its size ever taken. ESO/A. Fujii/Digitized Sky Survey 2/UltraVISTA teamESO www.eso.org . Galaxy Clusters Globular Cluster Constellation Collisions Galaxies Spiral Dark Matter Telescope Planets Earth Solar Wind Star Stellar Systems Pulsar Orbit Satellite Milky Way Universe Multiverse Cosmos Supernova Black Holes Moon Lunar Comet Meteor Asteroid Astronauts Cosmic Science Astronomy Astrophysics Cosmology Physics Atoms Quarks Shift Light Years Away Ultra Red Spaceflight Sun Magnetosphere Magnetic Field Hubble NASA Space

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Wormhole over Norway?

Interesting effect in the night sky. Very cool. But unfortunately is was only a failed missile test. The effect was the result of a new Russian ballistic missile test that failed. A no-fly warning was issued prior to the launch. The missile was launched by a nuclear submarine in the White Sea. Source: YouTube The […]

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Fake UFO’s online

FakeUFOs.com welcomes you. We have all seen our share of Fake UFO photos and Video. We’ve heard the stories of Alien Abductions, and Government Conspiracies. Finally, there is a website devoted, not only to debunking these phenomenon, but to mocking them. Sure, we would all love to see a REAL UFO, who wouldn’t? And for […]

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