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Eyes Of Delirium – Out Of Body Experience

Artist: Eyes Of Delirium Song: Out Of Body Experience Album: Book Of Mirrors Lyrics: Close your eyes, step outside Of the place that holds your comfort Feast your eyes, you will find What’s been waiting for you when it’s over The sun collapses, into the moons decendance Pointing me to the hole in the sky Where the stars gather in spiral Echoed thoughts repeat what used to be Reality fades with these Collecting in the eye of the storm The universe evolves around me The sun collapses, the moon disintagrates Taking me to the hole in the sky The sun collapses, into the moon Where the stars gather in spirial I don’t really wanna go away Staring out the window I wish things would go back to the way they were Seeing is believing, I’ve seen more than you know I lost a lifetime in the blink of an eye Time is just illusion Crumbled away into sand Long hours break away, shadows inbetween Where I belong and when I can be of use I never want this to end It’s too late to begin I’ve deserted the only place I’ve ever been able to call home I’m no longer welcome in the areas of gray

ABSOLUTELY MIND-NUMBING: TERRABYTES of Data for Single Slice of Night Sky!

Absolutely INCREDIBLE! Link below… Checkout the Ending @Black hole I found.. Astronomers have today (3/27/2012) released a picture containing more than one billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. The full image contains 150 billion pixels and combines data from two near-infrared telescopes — the UK Infrared Telescope (UKIRT) in Hawaii and the VISTA telescope in Chile — and is the result of a decade-long collaboration by astronomers at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Cambridge. The sheer enormity and detail of the original mosaic is mind numbing. Even more, the fact that it is just one slice of the sky, one edge-on view of one galaxy (ours) in a universe of countless galaxies, it sure makes you feel entirely insignificant. Before browsing the interactive image, bear this in mind… Hold on tight because you’re not standing still… We are standing on a planet that is revolving at 900 miles an hour, orbiting the sun at 19 miles a second, all of which is in the spiral arm of the Milky Way moving at 40000 miles an hour! Our galaxy contains 100 billion stars, it’s 100000 light years from side to side, it bulges 16000 light years in the middle, we are located 30000 light years from the center, and we go around it every 200 million years. INTERACTIVE MAP HERE: djer.roe.ac.uk Source Here: modernsurvivalblog.com

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Wormhole and Sapience – Fortune Cookie ft. Noah23

Wormhole and Sapience – Track 2 (featuring Noah23) of the album The Mo’o Produced by SAPIENCE Album Artwork by following:: A: Toobz B: Albane lYnks: WEBSITE: www.newcocoon.tumblr.com DIRECT DOWNLOAD newcocoon.com FACECRACK: www.facebook.com Wormhole: www.facebook.com soundcloud.com www.myspace.com Sapience: www.myspace.com soundcloud.com Albane: www.facebook.com dyn.worldtownweb.com Toobz: www.enoughmouthtomill.com Lyrics: -wormhole- elevator high low, fall from the sky elevated apple, levitating eye sockets Elevator high low, elevated apple fall from the sky, redefine paradigm elevated eyeball, elevated apple fall from the sky, paradigm elevator high low, elevated about to die, fell from the sky levitated halo when the fruit hits the dirt levitated over the ground, on an upside down 20 inch ride cymbal remo pinstripe aquarian batter and a hydraulic blue skin propaganda packed in a pocket protect perpendicular pinnacle pandemonium pause floating retinas staring holes in the face -noah23- double decker dodecahedron dimetrodon, buddy holly is alive and well double decker dodecahedron dimetrodon, alive and well up on ganymede double decker dodecahedron dimetrodon, buddly holly is alive and well up on ganymede with a mutated sub-strain and a reality field a velcro elbow radio plasma cajun proton cannon everybody get random night to the day to the mountain to the alchemy research fish and a frog and a brick hollow metal globe that I follow to earth hollow metal hole that I …

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Mystery Patterns in China Desert Remain Unexplained

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with the latest set of images to be ripped from Google Maps. This time around, they show a series of giant structures in the Gobi Desert, on the Chinese side of the border with Mongolia. Two different sets appear to show giant grid patterns, one of which theorists claim is a replica of the Washington, DC, street layout.One shows a spiral pattern. The rest are perhaps best left up to your imagination, if only because they are inexplicable: Another giant grid over 18 miles long. Giant metallic squares or holes. Two enormous reflective rectangles. The UK Telegraph says the sites are scattered around an area 93 miles from the headquarters of China’s space program in Jiuquan. It’s quickly become known as China’s Area 51, mirroring the secret US base where it is claimed UFOs are hoarded. The book “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base” exposed some of the reality behind the US base earlier this year. China’s strange patterns remain a mystery, however. Officially, the same areas hosts similar circular arrangement such as the one found in China. They’re missile test ranges to record weapon effects, one expert told the Telegraph. Extraordinary Photos From China’s Area 51. What Was This Place, And What Blew It Up? beforeitsnews.com

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Weathershare April 5, 2012 08:00 AM uncut

weather share April 5, 2012 08:00 AM Ahhh, the fan, all I really wanted to say is the spiral storm was putter`n out, should be go`n away but watch for more induction from the south and west, also spay`n heavy my way, d`oh figure, oh and one thing I forgot, if you can see, there`s weather over florida that fans out like be`n hit from the sky, it happened a few days ago in texas, same plume from the sky, `hole in the sky` gateway to heaven, oh wait `never say die`

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