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UFO caught on camera from helicopter

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77 Unbelievable Facts About The Collapse

~ www.blackopssecret9.blogspot.com I Found the Video at youtu.be Subscribe to me? www.youtube.com Subscribe to My 2nd Channel : – bit.ly Subscribe Via Facebook by Liking My Facebook Page: on.fb.me Follow Me on Twitter: bit.ly [Extra Tags Please Ignore] New World Order, military Haarp Weapons Ww3 Tanks on st louis streets battlefield america tyranny martial law henry kissinger globalist bilderberg group earthquake tornado pole shift nwo destruction bank bankers elite democracy syria turkey chemtrails hummer xblackxopsxsecretsx sheilaaliens dutchsinse sheilaalien dutchsince mrcometwatch conspiracy collapse economy truth 9/11 911 end of the world 2012 actontheactor associatedpress rt russiatoday russia camera alex jones inside job blackmail africa uganda kony phony fake airplane ufo spacecraft snow ice pollution weather modification

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OMG Check this out! A real Fake Plane UFO OFV.

One of two that was hovering over Gaywood Kings Lynn UK, this one came over my estate up about 500 feet and fairly close, as you will see it was in the shape of a militaery plane, but there was no sound at all, no propellors like last nights video, no jets either. This has to be the closest evidence I have obtained showing proof of UFO Fake Planes. 28th June 2012 Kings Lynn UK. Since filming this there are now at least 10 or more of these hovering and flying around the same area. Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus

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Amazing UFO opening Stargate Portal in the Sky

Published on Jun 25, 2012 by pleiadiantalk This is UFO sky phenomena is NOT fake – this took place above Norway. Even Wikipedia lists this event at en.wikipedia.org – The official statement is of course that it was a “failed missile launch” – but was that REALLY the case? Or is this a Project Blue Beam experiment, or perhaps even an opening of a stargate to other parallel universes and dimensions? This was witnessed by thousands, and photographed and video taped by dozens – check amazing photos of the events here www.google.com.ar – what do YOU think this could have been?

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22.6.2012 white Lightballs Jet Fake plane Orb Plasma entity UFO good AF CAMERA CANT FOCUS IT

More here: 22.6.2012 white Lightballs Jet Fake plane Orb Plasma entity UFO good AF CAMERA CANT FOCUS IT

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