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$1 Mil Reward for Alien Body

FakeUFO’s.com is offering a $1,000,000 reward for the apprehension of a bonafide “Grey Alien”, an extraterrestrial being; Dead or Alive.  The creature is humanoid in appearance, approximately 4 ft tall with long slender arms and legs, a short torso and has an abnormally large head & eyes. It is not indigenous to the earth.  Reward […]

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Tiny Alien Body Found in Russia

This video, reportedly taken in April 2011 in Buryatia, Russia shows a tiny Alien, half buried in the snow. Some of the extremities are broken and missing, but the body does resemble what one would think a “Grey” alien would look like – if it were 4”-6” tall. There is a clear and defined footpath […]

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