3 Cigar Shaped UFO’s over Texas

3 Cigar Shaped UFOs over Texas


These 3 Cigar Shaped UFO’s were allegedly photographed flying in formation over Texas.

The witness and photographer a 32 year old resident of Waxahachie, TX says that he snapped this photo from his back porch on September 3rd, 2011. He claims it shows three, cigar shaped UFO’s flying in formation.

In an exclusive interview with FakeUFOs.com (we never reveal our name until after the interview) the photographer (whom we have chosen not to reveal) claims that the three mysteriously looking UFO’s gently glided across the sky without making any sound. “If I hadn’t looked out my window [by accident] I wouldn’t have even known they were there. They didn’t make a single sound”, he says.

The witness says that he was just walking into his kitchen and just happened to look up and see the UFO’s through the kitchen window. He then grabbed his camera, ran to the porch in time to catch this image. “It was the last picture on the roll and I was afraid that it might not come out at all, because it was getting dark outside.”

One thing is for sure, the UFO’s really do look like Cigars. In fact, they look exactly like Salazar Cuban cigars.

After an investigation, we confronted the photographer with our supposition and he immediately became defensive stating, “I know what I saw, and I’ve got the image to prove it.”

He has since refused to accept our calls or email.

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