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Spirals and Holes

Eyes Of Delirium – Out Of Body Experience

Artist: Eyes Of Delirium Song: Out Of Body Experience Album: Book Of Mirrors Lyrics: Close your…

ABSOLUTELY MIND-NUMBING: TERRABYTES of Data for Single Slice of Night Sky!

Absolutely INCREDIBLE! Link below... Checkout the Ending @Black hole I found.. Astronomers have today (3/27/2012) released…

Wormhole and Sapience – Fortune Cookie ft. Noah23

Wormhole and Sapience - Track 2 (featuring Noah23) of the album The Mo'o Produced by SAPIENCE…

Mystery Patterns in China Desert Remain Unexplained

Conspiracy theorists are having a field day with the latest set of images to be ripped…

good morning

good morning Stacy Young posted a photo: There's a UFO outside my window and it abducted me. But they were so nice by letting me get online to post these pictures. Can't wait to post the pics…

3 Cigar Shaped UFO’s over Texas

  These 3 Cigar Shaped UFO’s were allegedly photographed flying in formation over Texas. The witness and photographer a 32 year old resident of Waxahachie, TX says that he snapped this photo from his back porch on…

Flying Saucer Bank

Flying Saucer Bank toytent posted a photo: Metal coin bank designed from accounts of actual UFOs. Made by Duro Mold Mfg. 1956 …

UFOs 2

UFOs 2 Indrid66 posted a photo: UFOs and Alien figures from Shadowbox Collectibles …

USO or Quick Fish?

OMG! Did you see that? That thing just swam past that diver really fast. No fish could ever do that. It must be an Unidentified Submerged Object. Source: YouTube  …


Album review: Listen to David Duchovny, wish for alien abduction

In an upcoming episode of “The X-Files,” Fox Mulder gets mixed up with some paranormal…

ALIEN ABDUCTION? Missing skier found 3,000 miles away in California still wearing GOGGLES

Exclusive: David Duchovny Welcomes Abduction by Alien 'Motherf—ers'



UFO ABDUCTION 2012/ GPS* 33.95392 -118.23250- The terms alien abduction or abduction phenomenon describe real…

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